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About the Company

William Haley Engineering was founded in 1986 and is part of the Haley Group, a family owned business. The Haley Group specialises in construction. The group has sales of £22 million and employs 140 people, making it one of the largest steelwork fabricators in England. This means we can take on any job and our prime location allows us to work all over the country.

William Haley Engineeering NationwideWilliam Haley Engineering, located close to junction 22 of the M5, has a combined factory / office building of 5000 square meters and a 1 ha site. FLI is near junction 12 and has a factory / office building of 3000 square meters and a 0.8 ha site.

William Haley Engineering has the capacity to output 6,000 tonnes of steel per year and has been involved in some of the UK's biggest recent steel projects.

With strong health & safety, a quality record and dedicated knowledgeable staff we are the right choice to take on your next project and deliver it safe and right first time!

William Haley Engineering